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Conservatory Roof Conversions in West Lothian,Edinburgh,Glasgow,Central Scotland

Conservatory Before Conversion & Renovation
Conservatory Conversions before renovation

Insulated Conservatory Roof Replacement
Without constant heating or cooling, traditional conservatories with glazed or polycarbonate roofs can rarely be used all year round. West Lothian Roofing now offers an advanced, solid and fully insulated roof system that enables any occasionally used conservatory to be transformed into an every-day living space.
The easy way to revitalise old
conservatory roofs
Equinox is a fully
Insulated tiled roof system, available in kits for simple retrofitting to existing conservatories. It’s the ideal replacement for aging glass or polycarbonate roofs – or as an alternative roof for brand new conservatories.
Energy-saving design for year-round comfort
The roof has solid insulation panels integrated within the structure, achieving an incredibly low U-value of 0.15. Such superior energy efficiency means no more extremes of temperature inside the conservatory, making it a comfortable room in all weathers.
Attractive styling – inside and out
The roof can be fitted with
slate-style tiles or standard tiles in a range of colours to complement any home. The internal surface of the roof can be finished with a modern plasterboard or tongue and groove timber ceiling, creating the look and feel of a conventional home extension.

Conservatory After Conversion Renovation
Conservatory Conversions after renovation
Fantastic Sandstone Conservatory with a Slate effect Solid Tiled & Insulated Roof

Conservatory Conversions Scotland

Quality-assured Insulated tiled roof designed for all types of conservatories

Equinox solid tiled roof is fully compliant with Building Regulations Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power) and is covered by a ten-year guarantee.

The roof can be fitted to conservatories of any shape or size, including double hipped, gable, Edwardian, Victorian and P-shaped conservatories.Compatible with premium-quality rooflights. A choice of high-quality Velux or Fakro
rooflights is available for easy fitting into the roof system

Tiled Roof Systems
Average two day fitting time
Call us on 07783 870676 or email us at mail@westlothianroofing.co.uk

Modern Slate Grey Finish on a Conservatory Renovation Conversion
Roof Conversion Conservatory with a Timber Tongue & Groove Finish

Interior Conversions

Converting your
conservatory roof from the original plastic model to a more modern, lightweight, energy-efficient, tiled roof may not be at the top of your priority list but there are several reasons why it should be.

It turns a conservatory into a room, therefore adding
value to your property.

Lightweight, tile roofs, such as the ones provided by
Conservatory Roof Conversions, reduce your energy costs because of the higher-quality insulation efficiency; they also reduce the glare from sunlight and lessen the noise disturbance from rain.

Conservatory roof converted with a Plaster Ceiling with Velux Roof Lights Fitted
Conservatory conversion renovation Plasterboard ceiling interior
Typical Grey Slate on a Conservatory Roof Conversions in Scotland
Grey slate tapco conservatory conversion
Typical effect on a Conservatory Roof Renovation with the Brown Roof Tiles
Brown lightweight Tapco Roof Tiles
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Conservatory to Sunroom Conversion Interior with Plaster Ceiling, Velux Roof Windows
Conservatory Roof Conversions at Part Finished Stage
Stunning Conservatory to Sunroom Conversion Interior View
Red Tapcoslate on a Roof Conversion Conservatory With a Solid Insulated Roof

Conservatory Roof Replacement in Scotland

In the past, insulating a
conservatory roof by converting it to a sunroom was a major construction job – requiring the removal of the conservatory roof, windows and the installation of steel supports and the addition of a full sunroom tile roof..........Not anymore.

Contact us today for more information or Brochures on our Fantastic
Tiled roof conservatory conversions.

TapcoSlate Colour Chart With Various Shades of Slate
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